Action 15. Ask my reps to stand with the president on climate change action.

Another easy peasy climate action, this time brought to you by our friends at the Environmental Defense Fund, who have a form all set up for you to send your comments asking congress to support Obama on climate change. You can use the form letter they provide, which makes this a 10-second activity, or you can personalize it.  I added some additional text as per below.


President Obama has made climate action a top priority for his second term.

I support his call for climate action, and am writing to ask you to do the same.

While special interests like the Chamber of Commerce are gearing up, building up their in-house law firm to restrict the EPA’s right to regulate greenhouse gases, some in Congress are supporting them.

But others — like Rep. Henry Waxman and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse — are creating a climate action task force, and pledging their support to President Obama’s initiative.

We cannot afford to wait another year, another month, or even another day on climate change legislation. As the recent draft National Climate Assessment, which was mandated by congress in 1990, starkly shows, the effects of continuing on our current energy trajectory will be devastating. Climate change will affect nearly every sector of our society, from farmers, to fishermen, to water resource managers, to the ski industry, to everyone who depends on these sectors to provide them with food, water, and recreational opportunities.

I stand with the President and with members of Congress who are taking action on climate change, and ask that you do the same.


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