Action 22. Thank Cliff Mass for his quick and thoughtful response!

Wow, following closely on the heels of Action 21, Cliff Mass, atmospheric scientist/meteorogist extraordinaire, wrote me back in about 5 minutes! I hope he doesn’t mind my quoting him, but a bit of his response is included as follows:

I appreciate your point of view…I viewed it that way myself for a long time.  But it is clear now that mankind is not doing anything significant to slow global warming and that a lot of folks feel like they are pulling their weight and doing enough driving a hybrid, using LED bulbs, and insulating their homes.  Yes, it helps, but with China and India revving up (and Africa next) the problem is worsening rapidly.  We need radically changed energy technologies, and yes, heavy use of nuclear (fission or fusion).  Massive investment in solar and new storage technologies.  Leaving coal in the ground. No one talks about a key issue..population control… Anyway, we need to face reality…cliff

Well, as I responded to Cliff- I totally agree. We are not going to get where we need to be just because 0.01% of us are driving around in hybrid cars or using energy efficient lighting. And we definitely need to be a hell of a lot more proactive on population issues.

BUT, I still don’t think that the radical changes in energy technology and the shift from fossil fuels is going to happen in a political vacuum- do you? Im sorry, but not when the stakes are so high and the money invested in the status quo is so big. No, the sea change needs to come from ALL of us, or at least a darned good number of us, making the connection between what we do and the effects it is having on our climate. And yes, I firmly believe doing little things is important, because we need to take the steps that are within our control, and THEN, we ALSO need to take the steps beyond our control, like demanding a shift to clean, low-carbon technologies. We need to connect the dots for our children, and our neighbors, by picking up trash, and driving more efficient cars, and walking more, and throwing away less, and doing all the things that are within our respective buying powers and personal choices to do, because that is how we build the groundswell that leads to several thousand people at the capitol demanding change as happened today. And Sanders writing legislation to establish a carbon tax. And an international agreement on climate change policy. It has to come from somewhere, and its not going to come out of thin air, or out of the boardrooms of oil companies. It has to come from all of us.

So, yes, Cliff, I totally agree; but I still think you can bring your message of the dire need for this radical change, while tying it to encouragement and optimism that this need for change evolves from the personal to the societal. And, do all that, of course, while bringing us the weather, which you are so good at doing.


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