Action 25. Swap books.

A shout-out on this action to, the awesome media swapping site that I have been using for the past few years. I love this service- you post the books, videos, CDs, etc you own and are willing to trade, and post the stuff you want to get, and finds you a match somewhere among the universe of folks that have the stuff you want.

I just completed my 31st trade on swap and swap tells me that to date I have saved 260 lbs of carbon (to be honest I havent scrutinized how they do these calculations, but Im betting it has something to do with the carbon footprint of a book vs what you are saving by reusing a book, minus the carbon footprint of getting it to you). Now, EPA tells me that that isnt exactly a lot of saved carbon- its the equivalent of using 13 gallons of gas, or growing 3 tree seedlings for 10 years. But, like most everything on this blog, its a small step that, if multiplied thousands of times, can add up to a big difference. Plus, its just so fun to get those packages in the mail!!


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