Action 26. Ask my senators to support S332, the Climate Protection Act and S329, the Sustainable Energy Act.

Back in Action 19, I expressed my love for Senator Bernie Sanders for introducing, along with Barbara Boxer, two senate bills that address climate change: S332, the Climate Protection Act, which would impose a carbon tax whose estimate > $1 trillion in revenues could be used to directly address climate change impacts, fund energy conservation and innovation research, and reinstate EPA’s authority to oversee fracking under the Safe Drinking Water Act, and S329, the Sustainable Energy Act,  which would terminate multiple credits and subsidies for fossil fuels, helping to level the playing field for alternative energies.

Today I called my senators to ask for their support of this bill. According to their aides, neither has released a position statement on these bills; this to me is a clear sign that these folks need to hear from their constituents that these bills are important steps in the right direction for addressing climate change. And yes, I realize my reps have a couple other things on their plate (sequestration, for example), but atmospheric CO2 levels are not waiting for us to clear our plates of other important issues. Please, take just a few moments to put this issue and these bills in front of your senators.


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