Action 27. Ask my senator not support a bill that could fast-track coal export and other proposals past thorough environmental review.

Humph. My state seems to be putting out quite the rash of frustrating legislation! Just a few Actions ago, I was contacting my senator to oppose SB5011, a strangely conspiracy-theory based bill that wanted to undermine municipalities’ ability to plan for growth using property-rights arguments that sure didnt fly with me. Sounds like that one didn’t get out of committee- yay! But here we are again, with SB5805, which paves a way for fast-tracking proposals that are deemed to be economically important even if they are environmentally disastrous: such as, yes, you guessed it, coal export terminals, and the famed and controversial pit-to-pier proposal for Hood Canal. The bill changes how a project can be designated a “project of statewide significance” by eliminating the requirements that the county or city support the project and removing the requirement that the project provide a net environmental benefit.

So, today I sent my Senator yet another missive asking her to oppose legislation that spells bad news for our state’s environmental regulations. And guess what? I got a response in like an hour, agreeing that the bill was bad news and that she was working actively in the Senate to not allow its passage. Thank you, Christine, you are wonderful!

PS- and a shout out to Futurewise, who keeps me in the loop on important legislation affecting our environment and growth planning!



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