Action 28. Join Reality Drop and Join the Annoying Social Media Conversation.

OK, I have to admit this is a hard action for me to embrace. Reality Drop is a new project from the Climate Reality Project: they put together all sorts of messaging and facts about climate change, and connect you to recent articles that are both factual and misleading on climate change issues so you have an opportunity to join the conversation and help dispel myths, promote truths, and engage in the conversation going on about climate change across a huge range of media.

And that’s the problem: I will be the first to admit I spend too much time on social media, and on the internet generally (as if you couldn’t tell). And what I have a particular love-hate relationship with is the endless comment strings that we now have on all of our online articles. I really struggle with whether those endless finger-pointing tirades in the comments sections, with insider barbs and plenty of platitudes really do anything at all to change anyone’s minds- or are they just a way for people to blow off some steam? But then again, I have to admit I catch myself reading them a lot, because every so often, someone says something smart or insightful that actually does cause me to learn something new about the topic or get a fresh angle. So, like I said, I have mixed emotions about the whole process, but I agree with Climate Reality about the importance of countering lies and myths and injecting truthful information; and of course, as with any issue where the fiscal stakes are so high, there is plenty of misinformation to combat.

Also, what is kind of fun is that the website is set up like a game, where you earn points for reading, sharing and commenting on articles. So, if you’ve got any competitive juices in ya, this helps get you going :-).

Anyway, Im giving it a shot, we’ll see if I get totally annoyed with  spending even MORE time reading comment strings!


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