Action 29. Stand with the Pacific Warriors’ Day of Action.

March 2, 2013 is a Day of Action for the Pacific Islands to raise awareness about the effects of climate change. Thousands of Pacific Islanders will be mobilizing across 15 islands to spread their message that they face the direst of consequences of climate change- the loss of much, or all, of their islands and way of life. For these people, climate change is not an abstract notion of hotter summers or longer growing periods, or being inconvenienced by more storms and power outages; it could mean the end of their lives and their descendants’ lives as they know it.  

Its amazing and heartening to see some of these Islands take very strong proactive positions: Tokelau, one of the Islands, has gone 100% solar. But even if all the Islands were to follow suit, it would not be nearly enough to mitigate the global surge in carbon emissions and curb the devestating consequences for these Islands, particularly sea level rise. Their future depends on all of us.

At the hyperlink above, you can connect to’s page to stand in solidarity with these brave warriors.




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