Action 32. Ask my legislators to support HB 1106, to increase accessibility and affordability of solar power.

Solar power, in the pacific northwest? Yes, your skepticism is deserved if you have ever spent any time in this region of the country. However, we get about the same amount of sun as Germany, which is a leader in solar power in the world. And one of the primary reasons Germany is such a solar power leader is that they facilitate programs that allow people not only to generate their own power, but also to sell excess power back to the grid, which can be a win for both the homeowner and the environment. 

But to get our state moving in the solar direction, we need to create policies and infrastructure that makes solar power more affordable for the average consumer. HB 1106 establishes the ability for third parties to install and operate solar for consumers on their property; and that can open up opportunities for installing solar by homeowners that might not otherwise be able to afford it. Several other states throughout the US have already started on this path, with some remarkable results for consumers that can not only power their own homes with solar, but end up making a profit from the energy they sell back.

The Environmental Priorities Coalition has made it easy for you to send a letter to your representatives asking for their support of this bill, right here.


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