Action 40. This one is rather trivial.

I suck at trivia, but I’m willing to come out for a good cause! Tonight our local cafe hosted a trivia nite MC’d by Trivia Time Live (local folks, they’re all over Kitsap County, check out their calendar here) and sponsored by Sierra Club to raise money for our local chapter of Beyond Coal. We had a lot of fun, drank a few beers, and learned some very interesting factoids about personal consumption habits and energy use. Here are a couple trivia questions I’ll pass on- scroll to the bottom to find the answers!

1. In order to generate the amount of carbon emitted by the production of 1 lb of beef, how many pounds of pasta would you need to eat?

a. 6 lbs; b. 11 lbs; or c. 18 lbs

2. If you changed from a 20 mpg car to a 40 mpg car, how much money would you save in a year given the average annual driving distance of 12,000 miles and an average gas price of $4 per gallon?

a. $12.00   b. $120.00  c. $1200.00   d. $12,000.00

3. The average carbon emission per person is 21 tons per year. If you and 19 of your friends stopped using plastic water bottles for a year, how much carbon would you save?

a. 2 tons   b. 10 tons   c. 21 tons

OK, keep scrolling to find out!

1. c

2. c

3. b

How did you do? I got two out of three- clearly I need more carbon literacy!



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