Action 46. Be happy about recent developments on coal export issues.

OK, I know being happy isn’t maybe the most active of climate change actions. However, when you are in the thick of what can be an extraordinarily depressing subject, it is great to seize the moments when you get some good news. Our wonderful friends at Sightline– if you don’t know them, may I highly, highly recommend them as a great source for news on a range of sustainability issues in the northwest corner of the country- put together a great review and update on coal export issues this past week, Coal Exports: Two Weeks of Good News. I recommend the full article, but in a nutshell, recent developments have been in favor of more critical review and more caution in development of some of the larger coal export proposals around the region, including an impressive letter from our WA and OR governor’s asking the federal goverment to clearly and thoroughly review the potential climate impacts of coal leasing and impacts; and the release of a scoping report on the 125,000 – you read that right!- comments submitted on the proposed Gateway Pacific export terminal at Bellingham. Scrolling through the first couple pages of those comments, I’m getting the sense that the tenor of the comments is one of great concern and demand for transparency and thoroughness in evaluating the proposed terminal.

All this makes me a happy camper, because it shows that people at every level, from regular citizens to the heads of our states, are showing awareness and concern about climate change issues. And THAT is the first, essential, critical step to changing things for the better. So today’s action is to smile and be grateful for my fellow citizens’ growing awareness and activity.


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