Action 48. There are 10 days left for public comment on Keystone: have you submitted yours?

I’ve told the State Department what I think of the Keystone XL project (See Action 30); have you?

There are 10 days left for submitting public comments on this massive project, and there is plenty of pressure on the President to approve the project; he absolutely has to hear a loud and clear message that this pipeline is not in our national interest. The proposed project will put many hundreds of miles of pipeline through our communities, create emissions that may be greater than a gigaton,a billion metric tons, of carbon (according to EPA, annual well-to-tank emissions would be the equivalent of annual emissions of 7 coal-fired power plants), risk spills from a pipeline with 9 times the capacity of the pipeline that recently broke in Arkansas, and facilitate of one of the greatest destructive actions on northern boreal forests that the world has ever seen. And, for this cost, we get vanishingly little benefit: a small handfull of permanent jobs, and the transport and export of oil that does absolutely nothing for our country’s energy security. will be highlighting a different aspect of the project’s potential impacts, with links to providing comments, each day for the next ten days, here, or you can email the state department at


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