Action 63. It ain’t over ’til its over. Thank my rep for continuing to fight Keystone.

Republican reps are really, really starting to bore me on this one. Yesterday was the 7th- YES, the 7th- time congress has taken a symbolic vote to support the building of Keystone XL (take a trip back to Action 30 if you’d like to read my extended comments on why this project is an insanely bad idea). For all the joking that we do about how congress breathes different air or simply doesn’t seem to be living on the same planet that those of us who actually think being rational is a viable framework for decisionmaking, its moments like these when I realize how un-funny our current situation really is. 7 times?????? Sigh.

But we can’t joke about the fact that, this time around, 222 republicans (every single one that voted) and 19 democrats, voted to approve the construction of Keystone. The decision still lies in the State Department and Obama’s hands, but there is no getting around the fact that even these symbolic votes send a powerful message. So we, also need to send a powerful message. Today I called my rep and thanked him for being one of the 175 democratic representatives who said no. If you are wondering how your representative voted, you can find a full list of the voting record on this resolution here. And yes, it absolutely matters that your rep hears from you, either to thank them for continuing to stand strong against this really, really senseless project, or to ask them if they did vote for it, why??


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