Action 66. Have your CAKE and read it too.

No, this isn’t a story about eating cake, though next to working on climate change actions, that is one of my favorite activities. CAKE stands for the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange, and it is a fantastic resource put together by the amazing folks at EcoAdapt, a nonprofit organization whose director just happens to live right here in my hometown! So, I have had the privilege recently of picking director Lara Hansen’s very smart brain on climate change issues, and she told me about CAKE.

CAKE is a great compendium of resources and reports that describe agencies and institutions’ efforts, mostly focused on North America, to respond and adapt to the reality of climate change. Given the tenor of congress and their penchant for claiming that climate change is, variously, a hoax, a fraud, an eco-conspiracy, or just plain does not exist, you might be surprised to see how many in the executive branch, along with many of their colleagues at state and municipal agencies, are taking this issue quite seriously and funding and implementing research to understand what climate change will mean to them. From reports on how sea level rise will affect low-lying towns in coastal regions and predicted lake level drops will affect communities in the Great Lakes region, to effects of ocean acidification on the aquaculture industry, there is a vast wealth of information available about how agencies and institutions are trying to get out in front of some of the coming changes. Its sobering, but its also heartening to see that, outside of the congressional halls, a huge range of agencies and institutions are not simply putting their heads in the sand on this. 

CAKE has an e-newsletter you can sign up for here, or you can just get a lot from browsing around on their website.


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