Action 75. Thank Senator Reid for speaking out on climate change.

In a press conference about Nevada’s devastating wildfires this summer, Senator Reid took the important step of making the link between severe weather and climate change:

Asked what the Senate could do in response to the wildfires, Reid said: “Talk about climate change as if it really exists, not beat around the bush.” –The National Journal

To anyone who pays any attention at all to climate change issues, this isn’t exactly the heavens parting and offering us some major new insight. A lot of us are in fact talking about climate change as if it exists, and have been for quite some time. But the way its talked about inside the beltway, one would think its on a par with Weiner’s sexting scandal or Guantanamo Bay- aka, not discussed in polite circles, a political hot potato that no one in the legislative branch is willing to pick up. So Senator Reid making this statement is very important, and is part of the culture that HAS to grow in Washington in order to move the ball on climate change response. Its incredibly important that whenever legislators dip their toe into the climate change waters, we applaud and encourage them, so that was a quick task this morning. Forecast The Facts makes this very easy, they have an online thank you to Senator Reid you can pop on to and quickly add your thanks!


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