Action 77. Ask Governor Inslee to stand firm on his commitment to green energy and reject oil export terminal development.

If you know Washington State’s governor at all, you’re very likely to know that he is a huge proponent of clean energy and a guy who very much gets the issue of climate change. Jay Inslee was one of the major – and few- politicians who has consistently championed clean energy and responsible solutions to climate change throughout his political career. So it doesn’t seem like a stretch to ask him to stand by that record, and oppose plans to build a major oil export facility at the Port of Vancouver.

The Tesoro-Savage oil export facility would be built to deal with 380,000 barrels per day of oil coming initially by rail from the Bakken shale oil fields of North Dakota to be shipped overseas. Critics worry that eventually this export facility could also handle Canadian exports as well, increasing Canadian tar sands oil development capacity. Port Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the plan on July 23. Now, Tesoro-Savage must apply to the State of Washington for a permit to build the export facility, and the time is now to ask our state leadership to head us in a different direction. Thanks to my awesome colleagues over at Climate Parents, you too can act quickly to send Governor Inslee a comment asking him to take our energy development in a better direction right here!


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