Action 78. Help LAUNCH biofuel production.

I am really excited about this opportunity for my friends and colleagues at BioAlgene to get their new product, Algaeverde, in front of a powerful group that can help them market and refine their plans to bring aviation biofuels and other algal products to market!

For the past couple months I have doing some consulting with BioAlgene on a volunteer basis. I serendipitously met their CEO, Stan Barnes, at a Climate Solutions event this past Spring, and I got really jazzed by Stan’s concept. Algaeverde is an extremely cool biofuel concept for several reasons. First, because it is trying to push the envelope on new biofuels technology for the aviation industry. We are just starting to see the dawn of movement towards biofuel use in commercial and defense aviation, and this is exciting news for an industry that has an enormous and rapidly growing carbon footprint, as I have talked about (Action 62). Although biofuels do emit CO2 just like petroleum products, the growth phase of their production uptakes CO2, substantively reducing their total CO2 emissions relative to petroleum products that represent millions of years of sequestered CO2 that we dig out of the ground and burn.

What is also really exciting about Algaeverde is that their process uses agricultural and industrial waste products as their production inputs. What Stan and his colleagues are proposing is to take advantage of both the CO2 from power plant emissions and the nitrogen and phosphorous from dairy waste from an adjacent dairy farm and utility, and use these raw materials to produce the algae that will be turned into biofuels. In addition, biofuel is not the only product of this process: while the lipids from the algae are used as the basis for biofuel production, several additional materials can be produced from the other components of the process that can be used as raw materials for the fabric and agricultural industries. All in all, this is a remarkable opportunity to create multiple commercial products that both produces fewer net emissions and solves waste disposal problems. See why I’m so psyched about this?!

Algaeverde is now a finalist for the LAUNCH 2013 Systems Challenge. LAUNCH is a global initiative cosponsored by USAID, NASA, Nike, and the Department of State to support and showcase solutions to sustainability challenges. The winners of the LAUNCH systems challenge will receive valuable technical expertise and support to help refine and enhance their projects and help to make them a reality. Voting for the 2013 LAUNCH challenge is open now through August 20. Please join me in supporting Algaeverde’s bid to win recognition in the LAUNCH challenge, by going to the website and casting your vote! There’s a very quick registration process and then you can submit your vote. Thank you!


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