Action 79. No on Keystone: Call, Write, Repeat.

The status of the Keystone XL pipeline review feels truly Orwellian. How is that we find ourselves seriously considering a project that would run thousands of mile of pipeline across our country, in order to export the product it carries, to little to no benefit to the people of this country, a paltry number of long-term jobs gained, and with great risk to us from spills and with the obviously massive negative effects of facilitating carbon emissions and climate change?

But here we are- with a State Department review that defies logic -and the EPA- in its failure to accurately account for the massive negative impacts of this project, and with House Republicans repeatedly voting to override Obama’s authority on this project (see Action 63). And with statements like this one from Representative Webster from Florida:

“It creates American jobs. It increases our energy independence. It strengthens our national security, and it will contribute to lower gas prices,”

How can this NOT feel like living in an alternate universe where fact is somewhat beside the point? This statement from the representative is so far off the mark its unconscionable. The “American jobs” he touts come to this: a few thousand for a couple of years during construction, and 35 permanent jobs, and 15 temporary ones, on any scale longer than a few years. That’s IT. 50 jobs. For a pipeline that does absolutely nothing to increase our energy independence: its not our oil, and we aren’t even buying it. Maybe, possibly, it will lower gas prices by increasing supply to the market, but this is quite likely to be a temporary volatility that will be pennies of difference to the average American consumer. All so that we can support the international export of a phenomenally dirty, destructive, and unsustainable source of energy.

OK, enough ranting, more action. So as long as we’re going to spin around on this silly ferris wheel of false claims and symbolic house votes, I see no option but continuing to engage in speaking truth to power. Today’s actions: call Obama and Secretary Kerry to once again urge them to reject this project (CREDO has made it super easy for you to do this right here!) and also help CREDO and ActBlue to grow the pledge of resistance with a donation (you can do this too, right here!). Call, write, repeat, until its done.


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