Action 89. Ask our state to act quickly and boldly on climate change policy.

This coming Wednesday in Seattle, our Governor and legislative leaders are holding a public hearing on what steps Washington should take on climate policy. This effort is part of the formation of the Climate and Legislative and Executive Workgroup that was initiated this past year and tasked with recommending a program and policies to reduce GHG emissions in the State of Washington. This is part of a series of public hearings, one took place in Spokane last week and another takes place in Olympia in December. You can see the details of the meeting schedule on the Workgroup’s webpage.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Im going to make the meeting, so I submitted written comments urging the governor and the workgroup to take a strong stance on promoting clean technology, opposing oil export terminal development, and taking other steps that will help Washington be a state leader in reducing greenhouse gases. It takes just a few moments to send a letter, and its essential that the workgroup hears from the public that they have our support and our attention. To submit a comment, you can email the climate working group at, or use the super-easy form that the Union of Concerned Scientists has put together here to submit a comment.


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