Action 100. And now for something a little bit different. Climate change in Haiku.

Because this is Action 100, I feel like it should be something special. And today I found it in reading Greg Johnson’s beautiful and moving confluence of haiku and climate change. Yes, you are reading that correctly, we are talking about climate poetry.


I am a huge fan of anyone’s efforts to bring the power of this issue to  people in creative and enlightening ways, and Greg has certainly done this. Greg is an oceanographer that was inspired when reading the IPCC’s climate change report to find a way to distill its core messages to something simple, understandable, and visually powerful. As Sightline describes on their post that hosts Greg’s complete set of haikus,

What if we could communicate the essence of this important information in plain language and pictures? Well, that’s just what one Northwest oceanographer has done. He’s distilled the entire report into 19 illustrated haiku. The result is stunning, sobering, and brilliant. It’s poetry. It’s a work of art. But it doubles as clear, concise, powerful talking points and a compelling visual guide.

Please check out Greg’s powerful pairing of words and images. I hope you will find it, as I do, both sobering and inspiring. Its inspired me to close this Action with a haiku of my own:

One hundred actions

Alone are tiny drops, but

Together, sea change.


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