Action 124. Gettin’ back in the saddle.

WOW, have I neglected you and myself, friends! Sorry, this last month has been a whirlwind of moving houses and summer schedules and, well, life, and blogging has not fit into that mix! But I am back in the saddle, in more ways than one: we are (mostly) moved in, we have internet so I can actually post stuff, our photovoltaic system is up and running (yay!), and I am literally getting back in the saddle.


By which I mean biking. Yes, nothing creatively mind-blowing here- good old fashioned pedal power as a way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Our recent move put us about a mile closer to town though, and though that may not sound like much, when you’ve got as many crazy hills as we do on this glacially carved rock, a mile translates to saving more than a couple vertical feet of huffing and puffing to get to where we need to go! So there is even less excuse now for us not to use our bikes. Plus, when my 9-month pregnant friend pulled up to my house yesterday on her new bike – about which she blogs here – let’s just say that was even more motivation to get my sorry butt onto a bicycle.

So today my kiddo and I stuck our tongues out at the northwest rain, donned the helmets, and biked on down to the library, where we read some books, took the shredded book challenge (our library has some pages of books (I assume copies!) that they shred up and put in a bowl and kids have to guess what book it is), and rented a movie to bring home. A full afternoon of entertainment, on pretty much zero dollars and zero fossil fuels! (Well, to be honest, ok I did pay my $5 in late fees).


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