Action 133. Here we go again: Keystone write, call, yell, repeat.

Wellllll that didn’t take long. Just a few short days after the mid-terms and I found myself on the phone, once again calling my senators to ask them to vote No on Yet.Another.Keystone XL Pipeline.Bill! In an interesting twist, this push came from the Democratic side of the aisle, from embattled, runoff-bound Senator Mary Landrieu– whose opponent Mike Cassidy just happened to introduce its parallel bill in the House. Right, not a coincidence. Nothing like making a multi-billion dollar boondoggle into your last best hope for fighting for the same conservative voting block.  Not that her position is particularly surprising, given the roughly $1.5 million dollars she’s taken for her campaign coffers from the fossil fuel industry.

Side note: John Stewart’s piece ridiculing Landrieu’s endgame on Keystone is well worth watching.

So, back to the phones and emails and petitioning it is. Not that my senators would vote for Keystone. Nor did they. I happen to have pretty great senators who know the extremely basic math of why Keystone makes no sense from an economic or environmental standpoint. However, it is important to keep pushing on this issue, and let our representatives know that this is important. Landrieu’s attempt this week fell one vote short of what she needed to pass the bill. When the republican-controlled Senate convenes in January, you can bet your bottom dollar Keystone will come right back up again, front and center.

And next time, it will probably pass. I’m not naive about that likelihood. But nor am I going to go down without a fight, nor will my fellow Americans who understand that this pipeline is bad for us, bad for our environment, bad for our climate, and does nothing for our economy or our energy independence. We can hold out small hope that the State Department will give a more thorough and reasonable review of the latest permit application, and come to similar conclusions. And/or, it remains to be seen whether the Nebraska landowner lawsuit that is challenging the right of TransCanada to condemn private property for the pipeline will be upheld- we should hear more on that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we have to keep to keep yelling.



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