Action 151. Join ’em to beat ’em.

The best thing I can think of to get out of my well of post-election depression is to foster connections:  basic connections with the people I love to remind me how many good people are out there, and also climate connections to connect with the fact that many, many incredible people are really out there trying to bend the arc on climate change. My first activities, after recovering from shock, have been lots of  angry and frustrated conversations with friends that have helped my heart a lot. Now, on to Phase 2: joining the climate army.

Joining the climate army can look like a lot of different things. There are many, many good groups out there working on this issue from many different angles (check out my Partners in Productivity for links to several of them). There are kids groups, social justice groups, groups that deal with climate in specific contexts like rain forest protection or pipeline opposition. Plus there are a number of new groups that are sprouting up recently to try to make connections- for example the new Washington Environmental Women’s Alliance -as folks are trying to find the intersections of issues that are important to them and coalesce around important objectives like women’s rights and climate justice. It can feel a bit overwhelming- but in a good way. There are many voices and groups that are prioritizing this issue, and their numbers are growing.

I’m still trying to figure out where my efforts should like in this landscape, but I’m doing my best to join ’em to beat ’em: trying to find effective groups that work at a grassroots level where I feel like I can really help beyond simply writing a check. Amazingly, though I write and think and act a lot on climate change, with a few exceptions I really haven’t put my effort into working closely with groups whose efforts are more concentrated on this issue. I think its time to try to take that step. So far I’ve got:

  • joining our local district’s democratic party group, so that I can add a climate change voice to the local level of party politics
  • joining Citizen’s Climate Lobby, a grassroots group that works within the political system to support climate solutions.
  • joining the Washington Environmental Women’s Alliance to work on climate-change related issues within their organization

Are you reaching out and making new connections, or talking to new people, on climate change? I welcome thoughts and suggestions. Because we’ve got to be all together on this issue. It is going to take all of us standing up and demanding our liveable future.


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