Action 157. Just keep marching.

This weekend marks the third time in a handful of months that I have gotten together with thousands of my fellow fed-up activists. The Womens’ March, the March for Science, and this weekend, The People’s Climate March rounds out the protest trifecta.

It was wonderful to be able to bring my daughter to an event that drew thousands and, once again, lots of creative and beautiful signage with important messaging. Better still, we knew we were marching with hundreds of events across the country, including 200,000 in Washington DC who, in addition to the walk, endured temperatures which were-  rather appropriately-  in the 90s.

There were an estimated 3500 or so folks in Seattle marching and, while I am thankful for every single one of us marching, that is a tiny number compared to the 20,000 who marched for science, or the more than hundred thousand who were in the Women’s March in Seattle. I know that its very possible that many of us have march fatigue- I know I’ve had enough for a little while! – and its just as important that we are participating in other direct actions. But I have to express some disappointment that one of the most critical issues our society and our planet is facing got less response locally than I might have hoped.

However, I will also say that I was incredibly heartened by the number of families and people of all ages participating, as it speaks to the fact that climate change that unites us across the generations. And the most important point is for us to take this momentum and carry it into our daily activism, our phone calls to legislatures and our grassroots organizing and our entrepreneurial efforts on clean energy and all of those things that we must keep pushing forward.



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