Partners in Proactivity

There are several incredible organizations that are working really, really hard on climate change issues, and lots of people writing and thinking about this issue. You can help them out with your time, your money, or even just reading them and spreading the good word about their important work. Here are some of my favorites:
The Climate Reality Project: Hosts of the amazing hours of climate reality that happens each year, plus lots of other links and resources about getting active on climate change
Climate Change for Families and Plant for the Planet:  they’re all about how kids can make a difference in climate change through direct action and lobbying
Citizens Climate Lobby: CCL is harnessing the power of grassroots citizen activism to push climate policy where it needs to go from the local to the federal level. A global but deeply grassroots powered group fighting for climate change policies
Rainforest Action Network– because our tropical forests are one of the most important facets of our planetary health via carbon storage, habitat and air and water purification
Union of Concerned Scientists: geeky friends working to clear the air of climate misconceptions and create positive climate policy and technological applications. Science needs our support!

Next Gen Climate: Climate advocacy with a strong focus on engaging young people in this issue. Businessman Tom Steyer has done a lot of good with the tons of money he’s made, and this group is  a very visible advocacy group that he has funded.

RealClimate: Really good, really accurate, really thoughtful posts on climate science from climate scientists. If you really want to get out of climate science reinterpretation and read about it from folks who deeply understand the science, this is a fantastic resource.
Skeptical Science: Wanna REALLY dig into the weeds and hard core facts about how we fight pseudoscience with real science? Check these guys out!

Blogs and Books:

Please visit friends and colleagues who also write and act on sustainability, science and climate change at:

Sustainable Suburbia 

Low Carbon Girl

The Science Unicorn 

Biking With Child

Chris Jordan

My Plastic Free Life

No Impact Project

Sightline Institute

Buy Nothing Project

Grist, especially David Roberts‘ writing

This Changes Everything: an amazing book by Naomi Klein on global warming and reimagining our energy future, and also a website chock full o’ good resources and information.

Drop me a note if your blog should be added to my list!


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